Monday, October 11, 2010

Counting my blessings ~

After my post earlier today, I figure the best way to rejoice in this day is to count my blessings.   Today has not been the easiest day.  It is a day that requires me to choose to be glad.  So today, I’m glad for: 


  • our little white house ~ It is small for our family but after seeing a pioneer house this weekend that held more children than ours and was much smaller, I am thankful.
  • our little white house {again} ~ because of this house, I am able to stay home with my children.
  • my husband who wants me to be at home with our children and encourages me.  He does what he needs to in order for us to do what we feel God is leading us to do.


  • modern conveniences that make cooking much easier than pioneer times
  • grocery stores and department stores so we don’t have to depend on us to supply all of our food & clothing needs


  • a pumpkin patch and a little boy who ran around and exclaimed, “pumpins, pumpins” as he searched for the one that was “just right”
  • the joy of children who enjoy simple pleasures like a patch of brightly colored pumpkins


  • friends who share with you knowledge of new pumpkin patches
  • friends whom you can call  {or they call you} and they “get you”
  • friends with whom you can laugh or cry


  • RAIN for a dry and weary land
  • a boy who is excited that it is raining and asks you at least five times if he can go out and play {despite the thunder}


  • the colors of autumn
  • a boy who helped me decorate the porch and stoop with fall colors and donated his pumpkin that he bought with his very own money


  • two little girls who can and will spend time everyday creating things
  • girls who bring pictures to me and tell me, “I made this just for you, Mommy”.


  • visits with parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents
  • talking with my Grandma and hearing of when my brother and I were little
  • making a new friend with my Grandma’s roommate.  Ms. Foster had eight children herself.  Her eyes had the sparkle of a woman who loved life.
  • hugging my old friend, Denny, whom I’ve not seen since I was quite young.  He still asked me to hug him though I’m sure he didn’t remember me.


  • a hay ride around PawPaw & Grammy’s yard {minus the hay}
  • roasting hot dogs & making s’mores over the fire pit
  • eating outside surrounded by my family and nature


  • little boys in overalls {you should have seen when he was barefoot – CUTE!}
  • my Mom & my Dad ~ I wish we lived closer.  I love them dearly.
  • my husband who thought to snap some pictures with his phone because I forgot the camera.  He knows I love pictures.  He always thinks of the “little things”.


  • children who love the outdoors
  • children who love their grandparents
  • a boy who gives me glimpses of memories of my brother whom I miss


  • teacher declared holidays {we took the day off today}
  • a rainy day nap under my favorite quilt
  • sharing a rainy day nap with Sunshine Girl who slept on the other end of the couch

I am truly blessed!




  1. Oh Adriane,

    What a sweet post.
    ALL lovely reminders for {me} too to count my blessings.

    We have so many of them and I have a pretty good feeling that God smiles down upon our thankfulness in the middle of trials.

    Thankful for friends like you!!!

  2. What a wonderful post! You are so blessed.

  3. A lovely post and a great reminder that we all have so much to be thankful for!!

  4. Love this post, Adriane. You are such a great writer, have I mentioned that? You are always inspiring me, and especially today I needed to be inspired to count my own blessings. Thank you!

  5. A lovely post and a great reminder that we all have so much to be thankful for!!


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