Monday, October 4, 2010

Artist Study ~ Van Gogh

DSCN6222 By Grant ~ age 10

Every term, we like to study an artist and his or her works.  This term we are studying Van Gogh. 

Art Activity Pack: Van Gogh (Art Activity Packs)

We are using Van Gogh: Art Activity Pack as the spine of our artist study.

For our first art activity, the children were asked to draw a picture that showed they were thinking about Van Gogh such as a yellow chair or a sunflower, etc.

DSCN6225 By Emma ~ age 7

Looking at their pictures, I could see that they were inspired by the movement and colors that Van Gogh used in his art.

DSCN6224 By Bryce ~ age 12

Their Van Gogh inspired art now hangs in our little “art gallery”.  {which I will share one day}

Do you do artist studies in your homeschool?

What artists have you enjoyed studying?

For more on Vincent Van Gogh, visit here.

For artist study and art ideas, visit Harmony Art Mom {great site}!

See these great links from Harmony Art Mom for more information about Van Gogh.


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