Thursday, October 21, 2010

ABC’s & 123’s Scrapbook ~


One reason that I keep blogs is to write down our memories.  However, this year I decided that I also wanted to keep a preschool scrapbook too. 


Using a spiral bound art book and some scrapbook paper, we (actually Bryce & Abby) wrapped the front cover and decorated with some stick on letters.  I also made a title page.   And I just realized that it would probably be a good idea to date the title page and all the other pages too.  {smile}


We don’t put all of our activities into this book but we especially like to put alphabet art  into it.  Using stick on letters, I try to label all of the pages to help build sight vocabulary.


The plan is to go back and add pictures that I’ve snapped during our preschool time. 


There are even games and activities from our Before Five in a Row books.  (Games and activities found at Homeschoolshare.)


Lots of coloring, scribbling & scrabbling, and writing done by Sunshine Girl go into the scrapbook.



My goal is not for it to be picture perfect.  I just want this book to remind Sunshine Girl of the fun she had while learning how to read and write. 

She has enjoyed looking back over her work from these last few weeks.  {Can you believe that I don’t have a picture, either?}


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