Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A post of randomness {and a little weight loss news too}

Even though the blog is quiet, I am still here.  Life has been busy {and I’m sure I am not alone} and I am still trying to figure out how to balance all of this…God, my husband, my kids, homeschool, blog, etc.

So I figured today was a good day for one of those random type blog post.  We’ll call it my catching up post.  Here is what has been going on in our lives lately:


The two older boys spent this last weekend down at my Mom & Dad’s house.  They visit every autumn to go hunting with my Dad.  But before they went, they built this hunting blind in our back yard.   {They did not actually use this blind for their weekend hunt.}  I sometimes cringe when I see them pulling out boards, hammers, and nails.  {My mind thinks: “big mess”. }  However, I realize that it is good for boys to be busy building, constructing, and creating.  My boys like to make useful things & inventions.  I let them make the messes but I do require them to clean up after themselves.


When we took the boys down to PawPaw & Grammy’s house, they needed to go out and put out a new deer stand.  While they were gone, the little ones and I searched for acorns, leaves, and such in PawPaw & Grammy’s backyard.  Here you can see Sunshine Girl telling me about the soil she collected.  Soil which now sits on the nature table.  {post about nature table, hopefully coming soon}


Little Man was drawn to the rocks and as is typical for him, he decided to throw them. 

The three little ones spent the weekend with MawMaw & PawPaw while the older boys were away.  So David and I spent the weekend alone.  And in typical Adriane fashion, we worked.  {smile}  But we had so much fun. 


Actually, we rearranged the front half of the house.  Sometimes we have to work miracles and think very outside of the box to make this little house work for our family.  This weekend we went back to an earlier layout with a few changes.  What we did this weekend invented a third bedroom in our two bedroom house.  I’ll try to post that later when I’ve finished putting school items on shelves and it is all straightened back up.  The above picture shows our new living room which is actually the dining room {but was serving as a bedroom}.  More on that later…


Early Monday morning, David had to go out of state for work.  He is home today and I am so happy that he is home.  I miss my best friend so much when he is gone.  I wish you could have seen the kids run out the door yelling when he came home today.    Partly because David was away and partly because the school area is under construction due to rearranging everything, school has been rather relaxed.  Today, we pulled out the do-a-dot paints and made pictures.  They sure do love it when I let them paint.  If I were brave enough or had more energy, we’d probably do it everyday…just so I could see the smiles.


One last thing before I go…I’ve missed my weigh-ins these past two Mondays so I wanted to do a little post here of my progress so far.

{I lost one pound last week!}

Ok, it’s not much but I’ll take it.  That one little pound takes me one step closer to my goal.  {Total pounds lost to date ~ 11.}

This week, I have started something new with my eating.  It’s an eating plan that my mom had and passed on to me.  I’m hoping to write a little more about it soon.  So far, it has been good for me because it is made to keep your blood sugar stable and that is a big concern of mine.  It is also supposed to increase your metabolism.  Hopefully, I’ll have a post about it soon.

So that’s what has been going on here in the deep south.  And as our local news says, “Until 10:00, you’re up to date”.   Or on the blog, “Until I post again, you’re up to date”!  {smile}



  1. Love your new layout. We are CONSTANTLY rearranging too with our little house.

    I tell you, it's a work in progress.

    Levi tells me the other day {he has to share a room with his sister} I think I will move my room in the

    I said hey, that might not be a bad idea!

    Take care!!!

  2. Too funny, we always rearrange this little house too. As we are moving furniture from one room to the next the husband always says "this is the last time I am moving...(insert any piece of furniture here)"

    Great job on the weight loss, any pound counts!

  3. People with little houses truly understand one always having to move things around!

    Amanda ~ My girls share a room with Evan. The other day they suggested that they move into the kitchen. I told them that one could sleep on top of the table and one under the table because that's all the space in there!

    And my four older children shared one room until about a year ago. As Bryce gets closer to being a teenager, we figured it was time to move him out. We gave up our room for the older boys and moved out into the front spaces. Our arrangement is a little different but it works. I'll try to post about it as soon as I've found a place for everything.

    Melissa ~ I kept apologizing to David this weekend because the way we arranged it was actually a way we had it at one time. We had to move some BIG furniture. I felt so bad for making him do it again! And thanks for the weight loss encouragement.


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