Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home Education Highlights ~ Week 4


DSCN6053 ~David driving away on his way to the airport.~

This week will be easy for me to share because it was an easy week for us.  Honestly, I chose to make it an easy week because on Tuesday morning of our school week 4, we had to say goodbye to David for a few days.  He had to make an out of state trip for some work related training.  I know my limits so I decided that we would focus on the basics.  And that’s what we did:  we did math, read our history novels & other books, and spent time outside. 


The kids also made a newspaper.  They wanted to document what they did during their week for their Dad.  They had a lot of fun making cartoons.  I consider that writing (grammar & spelling) and art. 

DSCN6079 ~Unfinished, unedited paper in the early stages…it does appear that a particular little brother decided to do a little editing with a yellow crayon, though.~

Week 4 of our school was a bit of a different week but learning was happening still.  And it shows me, once again, that learning is always going on whether you crack open a grammar book or not.  ;)


  1. knowing my limits is still something I strive towards!!!

  2. Me too, Amanda, me too. I figured with David gone it was probably good to NOT test mine too much! :)


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