Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home Education Highlights ~ Term 1, Week 3


We had a great week of school this week.  I’ve said it before but I LOVE using Sonlight for our history and literature.  My boys are loving it too.  This week, my oldest son came to me and asked me what book he would be reading next and then he wanted to know the order of his books for the rest of the year!  As he looked through them, he would comment, “Oh, that one looks cool” or “I can’t wait to read that one”.  This momma’s heart was so happy upon hearing that!

Here are some highlights from our week:


History & Literature:

Read Alouds: 

  • Pedro’s Journal:  A Voyage with Christopher Columbus by Pam Conrad
  • Walk the World’s Rim by Betty Baker


  • Om-kas-toe by Kenneth Thomasma

Poetry and Music:

  • Poems from The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children’s Poems
  • The Stars and the Stripes and America from Wee Sing America


  • The story of slavery and the search for new lands
  • Explorers:  Ponce de Leon, Balboa, Magellan


  • Daily Geography – The four hemispheres
  • Map Work – San Salvador, Spain, Caribbean


Language Arts

Bryce ~ 7th grade

  • Copywork and studied dictation (see above ~ great spelling practice.  I’ll write more about it later.)
  • Subjects and predicates
  • Latin & Greek roots:  tri, tres, quartus, quatuor, decem, centum (numbers)
  • Dailygrams
  • Notebooking about Native Americans & ancient civilzations


Grant ~ 5th grade

  • Copywork and studied dictation
  • Subjects and predicates
  • Handwriting
  • Dailygrams
  • Notebooking about Native Americans
  • All About Spelling words – mainly a review for him at this point


Emma ~ 2nd grade

  • Copywork and oral narrations using Rumplestilskin
  • Dailygrams
  • Adding –ed and –ing to words ending with silent e
  • All About Spelling ~ short vowels
  • Reviewing phonics sounds and working on reading fluency
  • Reading from The Beginner’s Bible
  • Handwriting ~ decorated to mail to relatives



Bryce ~ 7th grade

  • Geometry and units of measure
  • Division math facts

Grant ~ 5th grade

  • Unit conversions and the metric system
  • Multiplication math facts

Emma ~ 2nd grade

  • Odd/even, greatest/least, addition & subtraction facts, place value, time, money, and graphing



Bryce ~ 7th grade

  • The history of science, experiments on density & atoms

Grant & Emma

  • Living and nonliving, observation & classification of living/nonliving objects
  • Unplanned experiment to see how plants have circulation since living things have circulation. 







Abby (4) and Evan (2):

  • reviewed letters L and short vowels A & E
  • learned letter T
  • listened to and enjoyed:  The Big Green Pocketbook
  • counting and numbers: reviewed 1 and learned 2

(Preschool post coming soon!)


Great Resources that we used this week:


We have sort of used notebooking in the past but decided that we would like to do a bit more with it this year.  My kids used some of the free forms from Notebooking Pages.  I plan to save them and have them bound into books at the end of each term. 

 Here is another source for notebook pages for your students.

Next week will be an unusual week but more about that…next week! 


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  1. what a rich education your children are getting.

    You are amazing to train all these grades at home.

    I am strolling down the post and reading all that they are doing and I am simply amazed I tell you.


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