Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What we’ve been up to and whole bunch of pictures

Hi y’all!  I sort of disappeared on you all, didn’t I?  I thought that I’d do a quick catch up post.  Here’s the short story on what’s been going on the past two weeks.  It’s been a tough few days and my brain feels a bit slow tonight so the sentences may not be complete or even that coherent.  But there will be pictures…lots and lots of pictures!  :)

  • Family Reunion

Fun times with the cousins, good music, and good talks



  • Busy times as we prepare for school to begin

(More about that on the homeschool blog)


  • The modem went out and we had no internet access.

(And I didn’t even have withdrawals!)

  • We received a new modem and got internet access again but I was too busy to get online.

Then I realized that I did miss it! 

  • And the internet quit working again for some unknown reason! 

(But all is well now. :)

  • Somewhere in the midst of all of the offline time, Baby Boy demanded coffee or “hot foffee” in his words.  He loves coffee.  And black only, please.  Do not give the boy milk and sugar in his hot foffee.  It will not be well received.

DSCN5636 Baby Boy waiting on his hot foffee.

DSCN5645 Enjoying a cup of joe, watching some early morning cartoons, and loving his Thomas PJs  (Thank you Uncle Chris, Aunt Mariann, Ellie, Woody, and Jack!)

  • Taking pictures of the few things alive in my sun-scorched, drought-ridden garden…it’s bad, really bad

But we are finally getting a break from the hot temperatures.  It’s only in the low 90s this week!  Much better than low 100s, any day! 


  • David had an interview and was given a promotion!!!

That was a much needed answer to prayer for this family.

And on that same day, he had jury duty and was chosen to serve as an alternate on the case. 

That makes me smile… a job interview, a promotion, and jury duty all on the same day.  I have no idea why but that makes me laugh!  How often does that happen?

  • The cooler temperatures have brought more time outdoors so the kids have built a shooting range.  Their guns are rubber bands on sticks.  I’m thinking this one needs a post all of its own!

DSCN5650 What looks like a mess to me is tons of fun for my children!

I love seeing children’s imaginations at work.

I think that may be all of the past week or so with the exception of some school posts which will show up soon on the homeschool blog. 

I hope you all are doing well!



  1. I have missed coming here!
    Blessings on your end I tell you!
    I love what you have done with your living/ school area! It looks so neat and cozy and it looks like everyone is gettin their work done. that baby boy is the cutest darn thing with his little cup of coffee!
    Oh i have missed you, but it sounds like having that modem go out was a blessing for you too, to get your home in order...funny how little things like this~"just seem to happen"

  2. Hi Amanda! I have missed being around too. But it was good. I have had more time to think and enjoy time with my kids. Right now, I should be pondering on some homeschool stuff but I sure have missed my internet buddies so I'm making my rounds! Well, for a minute or two...I'm mighty sleepy!

  3. Baby Boy is a kid after my heart. I love my hot "foffee" too, little man. Glad he likes his pjs and SO excited about the job stuff. What a wonderful update!

  4. I heard Dave was at the courthouse. I'm glad that's done and praise God for the promotion!

  5. Looks like good times! So happy your husband received a promotion! Many blessings to you all!

  6. YAY!!! Congrats on the promo!! I have been so busy lately, too, and have missed reading your blog. It sounds like you are still trying to catch up on everything!!

    I am sure you all are excited about the cooler weather, we are too!! Cant wait to read about the new school year!!


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