Monday, August 30, 2010

What to do if you’re bored…


Rarely do I hear the words, “Mom, I’m bored” around here.  Maybe that’s because my children know that means that I will find them a little something to do to help dispel the boredom.  Most of the time, the kids will try to find a way to pass the time.  Oh, that makes me so happy!  It causes them to use their imaginations even though it usually means a mess too.  (Which they clean up, for the most part.)


The other day I looked out and noticed that the kids were rearranging things behind & beside the garage in the areas where we store lumber, ladders, etc.  When I went out to see what was transpiring, I was asked to “Please wait, Mom.  We will come and get you when we are ready.”  So I went back inside and wondered what I was going to find when I went outside.


When I was called outside again, I was told to ride my bike through the back entrance and pay the lady at the gate for my parking.  There was even a little country music playing in the background.  :) 


I was given the rules for parking and the safety rules for the shooting range area.  The establishment was very particular about how you did things at their shooting range. 


The boss  (aka my oldest, Hunter boy) showed me how to shoot my rubber band gun at the targets.  There was a wild dog and some rabbit holes to aim at.

Over the course of the week, this shooting range has become a store.

I’ve even heard talk of a rodeo in the works as I type this blog post.

The way I see it, boredom may leave it a little messy around here but it’s not such a bad thing after all!


  1. That's awesome! Nothing like a great imagination! :-) Have a great week.

  2. It's the coolest thing that they can be so creative.

    Especially this time of year when it's so hot and the thought of being outside for too long makes you cringe.

    But they are not,
    they are simply taking the opportunites they have with what they have and making the best of them. We can learn so much from our children I tell you.
    My son would love your boys!!!

  3. Its nice to see kids playing out side... My son is playing football right now so he is out side a lot right now..but when he is at home, if he is outside he is in the pool,,but we dont have a child friendly neighbor hood , and he is the last child left at no one to play with..
    you have a beautiful family..
    God Bless

  4. Thanks y'all. I appreciate the comments.


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