Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekends ~


I love the weekends.  It is a time that David gets to be home with the kids and me. 

We spend time together as a  Family.

Not too long ago though, weekends made me tense and uptight.  We were too busy.   We had no time together except in passing and so David & I made the decision to slow down and spend time Together.

In order to reclaim this time together, I have to work extra hard during the week especially on Friday.  Actually, we all have to work together as a family in order to make time to be still and enjoy each other.  We’ve also had to learn to say no.  That is a hard one for us but we are learning that we can not do it all.  (But that’s a whole post in itself.) So for the past few weeks, I’ve tried to make sure that I’ve got the housework  & laundry as close to done as possible before I go to bed on Friday night.  By doing this, we’ve been able to spend our Saturdays together with an errand or two here and there if needed.   For the most part though, we have been able to work alongside together at our home or even just relax, play, laugh, and connect

This weekend, we are enjoying a special treat that I’ll share this coming week when we have pictures too.

I’ve seen this on other blogs and I love it so I’m going to borrow it:

Weekends are for…


new experiences






What are you doing this weekend?

I’ll share our weekend with you soon!  I hope you have a blessed weekend!

To see some of our past weekend adventures, you can click here!


  1. I love that post.. and it confirmed my thoughts earlier today. I was laying on the beach (by myself) my youngest son, the last living at home with us, was at home playing video games, and my husband was home cutting the grass and doing fixit up things.. I know he is at work all week and that is the only time he can get those things done, but then we dont get to spend much time together as a family.. everyone is doing their own thing..
    so i think i am going to follow your lead, and start planning thing for us to do on Sundays after church... Thanks for the light bulb moment..Family is huge to us..but sometimes we just get to "okay" with the way things are..

  2. I have had the same thoughts, (so far it has not gotten past a thought!haha) that if I get as many of the chores done as possible and even cook food for the weekend on Friday we could have so much more time together as a family.

    This weekend we are having a huge cookout. My oldest daughter is coming in for a few days. We decided to celebrate all the August birthdays while she is in.

    Hope you are having a fun weekend!!

  3. Karen ~ Our weekends are some of the only times that we have time to do certain projects too. In the past, we had those projects, grocery shopping, and house cleaning that didn't get finished. (It is hard to stay on top of the house while homeschooling...well, it is for me anyway.) And we had all of that on Saturday! Our Sundays are busy with church activities and once we begin homeschooling, I will be preparing for the new week too. It has been really stressful for us. So I am trying to do as much as I can during the week so Saturdays are for a few projects. I'm trying to open up at least Sunday for church and family time (and nothing else, if possible). This is still a work in progress for us.

    Lecia ~ I am trying to plan for this week some cooking ahead sessions during the week. I'm hoping to help cook ahead for the school year and for weekends. I'm just trying to cook a little extra and freeze the extra. I hope to prepare some lunches that I can freeze too that will help make our school day a bit easier. I hope y'all had a great weekend while celebrating!


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