Friday, August 6, 2010

~Sharing some links ~


We are very busy today as we try to get ready for our birthday celebration weekend.  We were blessed with a great opportunity for our family this weekend and it happened to fall on my birthday too.  So the kids have said that our “surprise blessing” this weekend is my birthday party!  :) 

Anyway, I’ll share more about our weekend next week but I wanted to share a few links to some sites that I’ve come across here recently.  I have “met” so many inspirational people online who are willing to share their homes, time, and words with us.  And don’t worry, there is not a Dora link like pictured in the picture.  ;)

~The Grocery Shrink~

This family paid off about $90,000 debt in 6 months.  She shares some of the information with you when you sign up for her free email newsletter and also has a blog at this site.  I am going to buy her ebook to read too since we are very interested in paying off our debt and getting a bigger home in the country. 

~Inspired to Action~

I have spent some of my online time reading some of her posts on maximizing your mornings.  I am a morning person and this is my high energy time yet it is really easy for me to waste my mornings if I am not careful.  Her ideas have inspired me and I was laughing last night as I was reading this post about squashing morning excuses because I’m pretty sure she was talking about me with the internet surfing!  (And yet, here I am offering more links!) 

~Ladies of Grace~

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this site and have enjoyed some of the Bible studies.  I have been reading the studies on marriage and on discovering joy.  Both of them have led to changes being made in my heart.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  God bless you! 



~Mommy’s Computer Buddies~

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