Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of school pictures and first week of school highlights

We started our sixth homeschooling year on August 18th.  Since we only had a three day week, we took it a little easy and did just a few things to ease us into a new school year.  We mainly focused on getting up and getting going earlier since during the summer we tend to relax a bit more. 

Here are a few highlights from our first few days ~

~First Day of School Pictures ~

~7th grader~


~5th grader~


~2nd grader~


~Preschoolers – ages 4 & 2 ~

(whom I failed to take a good picture of…it gets a bit busy and sometimes the camera is neglected)


~Home Education Highlights:  Week 1~

~Decorating covers for our daily work binders~


~Putting covers on our American history scrapbooks.  We will use these for our lapbooks instead of using file folders.  We also plan to make them for Science. ~


~ Mad Libs were enjoyed by all.  They are fun and a good review of parts of speech.~


DSCN5568The Mad Libs kept us laughing! 

~Oh, I failed to mention our first day of school breakfast which was chosen by the kiddos:

pigs in a blanket and cinnamon rolls.~


~ We put together a time capsule to bury in our backyard.  Inside of it, we placed some questions that each child answered, a mad libs that we found particularly funny, and an item chosen by the child.  ( By the way, Abby Cadaby was rescued from her fate of a year in the time capsule.  Sunshine Girl decided that she could not stand to part with her.)  We will put our first day of school pictures in it and bury it in the back of the garden.  We plan to dig it out next August when we begin school.~


~ I love to see my older children helping my younger children.~



We have started our second week now and I will write about that soon and give you a tour of our new school area.


I hope you all are having or will have great school years too!


  1. you are one busy mama!
    It's refreshing to see your older children helping the younger ones.just precious I tell you!

    thanks for sharing your homeschool.

    I love what you've done in your living room.

  2. We start next week. I hope our first week is as successful as yours looks!!


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