Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sweet teeth & little helpers


Is there anything much cuter than a child who has lost both of his or her front teeth at the same time?  I love it!

Flower Girl has the biggest sweet tooth…actually, she loves sweets so much that I should say she has sweet teeth.  It’s ironic though that she always leaves the dentist’s office with a good dental report.  She’s had no cavities to date. 

DSCN4925 For her birthday, Flower Girl usually asks for a strawberry pie and I’m more than happy to oblige.  This year, we were out of town and instead of making the pie, we bought one.  And while it was good, it was a cream cheese pie and not really what she had wanted.  So I told her that I would make her a strawberry pie one day when we were home.

DSCN4931 We set out on Monday and made her strawberry pie.  She came and helped me out.  How she loves to help in the kitchen! 


Sunshine Girl wanted to help too so she came and started making one of the pizzas for our dinner. 

~Busy Little Helpers~


Little Brother came inside from helping Daddy and saw the action.  He decided that he wanted some pepperonis. 


Little Brother was helping too.  He loves to help Daddy mow.  Actually, he calls it “bow”.  He loves to “bow” and will watch our neighbors around us as they “bow” too.  (Please don’t be alarmed by this picture.  The lawnmower is not started here so he is in no danger.)


DSCN4944~Daddy’s Little Helper~


But a little guy has to stop for a break every once in a while…


~Back to work with his favorite person~


I love my little helpers with sweet teeth!  What a blessing to be the mommy to this little family!


  1. I loved this post!
    So sweet that you and your girls are in the kitchen preparing a meal, while baby boy is helping side by side with his Dad!
    These are good times in life!
    The pizza looks delicious and I LOVE your little yellow kitchen!!!!
    I have been canning green beans all day. It's been a very busy week here. Matt is off work for a week's vacation and I am really enjoying our time together.

  2. A little boy in overalls and barefeet- AWE, melt my heart!! I love the photos, they tell such a great story and show so much love!!

  3. Thanks, y'all!

    Amanda ~ We're having a busy one here too. I should be in the kitchen right now finishing cucumbers that need pickling and making bread. It seems though, that I may have caught Dave's cold from a while back. But when momma's sick, things don't slow down and wait for us, do they? :)

    Kristina ~ I love, love, love little boys in overalls. I'm always sad when they have outgrown the overalls.

  4. I'm loving toothless girl! Thanks for posting all these pictures, ma'am. Love it!

  5. What precious pictures and great little helpers!

  6. Thanks, you all! I loved these pictures too. :)


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