Wednesday, July 28, 2010

~Everyday memories ~ playing with daddy~

Around our house it is known that Daddy is the one who is the fun parent.  He’s the get-down-in-the-dirt-and-get-dirty parent.  I’m the one who will let you get dirty and take pictures of it.  And I’m the one who will say “be careful” the entire time.  ;) But Daddy is in the middle of the play & participating in it. 

{Everyday memories ~ playing with daddy}

Daddy can make anything fun and adventurous.

Here’s the wind ‘em up and let ‘em go…




This is the double swing method.



Little Brother watches from a safe distance.


I’m sure he will be joining in the adventures very soon.


  1. Genuine fun...
    I can relate to what your talking about here so very much. I tend to be the cautious parent..
    {wear your helmet, slow down,watch out, don't go in the road, watch your head}
    daddy...well let's just say that's why they call him daddy.

  2. what precious pictures.. That face is priceless...
    God Bless you and your family..

  3. Yes, daddy is the fun one here too!

  4. It must be a Daddy thing!! Jon is the same way... I throw out the "be carefuls" and Jon is pushing Lily in the swing high enough to touch the leaves on the tree, Lily squeeling with delight the whole time!!
    Daddys are great, arent they!!!


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