Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daybook ~ The last day of August daybook



FOR TODAY ~ August 30, 2010  (Is it seriously almost September?)

Outside my window...  it’s dark.  The days are still hot but not as hot.  Praying for rain soon.

I am thinking...    about everything that I need to do.

Tonight:  prepare for school tomorrow. 

This week:  learning music for the children’s choir class that I will be teaching soon.

I am thankful ...   for David’s promotion and pay raise.

From the learning rooms...   Native Americans, Christopher Columbus and other explorers.  We are loving Sonlight!  The Little ones are working on the letter L and “little” things.  You can visit our homeschool “room” by going here

From the kitchen...  I’ve not been very inspired in the kitchen lately.  I’ve made plans to visit Tammy’s Recipes this week and I hope that it inspires me a bit more.  

I am creating...  plans mainly… there’s not much time for crafting right now but I do have lots of UFOs (unfinished objects) floating around.   

In the garden…   Not much at all.  I had plans to  plant a fall garden this past weekend and I spent all day Saturday on the couch because I felt badly.  (allergies...)

I am reading...  Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp~ We are going through a video series at church by the author of this book.  Great parenting advice.

I am hoping... that I feel better soon, we get rain soon, and that I figure out a schedule for our school that will work with four grade levels going on at the same time!  Others do it so I know I can too…by the grace of God!

I am hearing...  the quiet of a house when the little ones are in bed. 

Around the house...  Piles of laundry to be folded and swept floors that need to be mopped…school has started so the house is not as neat as I’d like. 

One of my favorite things...  zinnias in the garden.  The butterflies and hummingbirds love them.  Last week on a particularly rough day, I sat on my swing and watched two butterflies fluttering around the pink zinnias.  We will most definitely plant them again next year.

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Missions begins at church tomorrow night.  I am going to go to choir even if I croak like a bullfrog with these silly allergies.  They may ask me to leave the soprano section and go to the bass section.  ;)  We are spending Labor Day weekend at home and will probably do some cooking out and swimming. 

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…

A picture of our little athlete.  She is seriously one athletic little girl.  And did I mention that she is very girly too.  She had a blast playing basketball at the family reunion.



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  1. I love reading the Daybooks at Simple Woman. I have been thinking of joining in as well.

    I can relate to sleeping with a fan. Hope also sleeps so much better with a fan running. I think we may run one all winter too if it helps her sleep this well!

  2. I really need to start doing the daybooks.
    It's a really wonderful idea.
    I think most of the pictures on my side are around180-200 x 250-300.
    they are all different sizes because I crop some.
    I hope this helps. If you see one that you want to know the particular size just let me know.
    I love your new profile picture!!!

  3. Lecia ~ I love them too. It was one of the first things that I did when I started a blog because I have always loved reading them.

    Amanda ~ Thank you for the sizes. I am planning to make changes around here and need to update pictures. And thanks for the compliments on the profile picture. I needed something different.

    I hope you both are doing well.


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