Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation Bible School Pictures

We spent our evenings last week at Vacation Bible School. I have such fond memories of VBS from my childhood. My children had a wonderful time and I’m pretty sure that they will carry some great memories with them through their lifetimes too. Here are some photos from last week.

~Family Night performances~

(Sorry for the strange cropping of pictures. I try not to show children of other families unless I have permission from the parents.)





~I realized after Amanda's comment that I should let everyone know that Hunter boy was just pretending to play the banjo as part of a country band. I'm sorry that I didn't write that last night. I usually write posts late at night and sometimes my brain is a bit scattered. Hopefully one day he will be able to play since he has a desire to play the guitar and we are looking into lessons for the fall. Sorry if that was misleading. ~


~Family Night Fun~







  1. VBS looked like a FUN week!!!!
    Amazing...can I state it again...AMAZING that you have a little banjo picker!!!!!WOW!!!!!
    I think that's my favorite photo!

  2. It was a fun week. He's not really playing the banjo there. They were "pretending" to be a little country band. The other boys had instruments made out of cardboard like a dobro, guitar,a bass, and a fiddle. If I could have shown the whole picture it might would have been easier to tell that Bryce was not really playing. I meant to post that last night but I was super tired and forgot! However, he does want to play the banjo and maybe one day. :) Sorry to be misleading...I sure didn't mean to do that.

  3. all that matters is he looks so darn cute!


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