Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~This and That ~

DSCN4706~Today’s harvest: cucumbers, basil, & flowers~ 

Do you ever have random pictures on your camera that you just can’t find a way to use in a blog post?  Today, I’ve got some random shots and they fit right into this blog post because it will be about random this and that.



On Tuesday, David and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  We had plans to get away, out of town somewhere by ourselves but the budget had other ideas. :) So we are choosing to stay home (a staycation) while our children go to their MawMaw & PawPaw’s house for the weekend.  Dave and I will be busy working around our home.  We plan on painting and working outside.  There are also plans for dinner & a movie too.  It should be a nice weekend. 



DSCN4710My plans are to take a little fast from the computer for the remainder of this week.  I want to focus all of my attention on my husband and our home.  We don’t get the chance to talk, uninterrupted very often.  We need it.  I believe all couples need times like this and those times are hard to come by when you have little ones around.  I’m not complaining…just telling it like it is.

But you know that I’ll probably take some pictures to share.  And when I get back to my blog, I’ll be changing some things up a bit.  I’ve had some changes on mind and I’ve been sitting on them and waiting to see if it was what I needed to do.

Well, this is not as random as I thought it was going to be.  That could be because I am tired & my brain is not really in gear…so I’m heading off to bed.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

DSCN4703~Today’s insect visitor in the garden~


  1. The bug photo caught me off guard, and also produced a little giggle :) I like the "This and That" photos, I have so many of those, never sure what to do with them.

    Enjoy your Stay-cation! I am sure the time together will be wonderful. Happy Anniversary

  2. Stay-cations are the BEST!!!
    Infact, the last "date" before Father's Day that Matt and I had was working in our garden TOGETHER without all the little helping hands. {not that I too don't love you say...just keeping it real!}
    Our marriages need time together.
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that time together!

  4. Sometimes I feel more rested when I have a "staycation" over traveling somewhere. Hope yours turns out that way. Great pics by the way.

  5. Thanks y'all!

    ~Kristina ~ Yeah, the bug is a little creepy. He caught me off guard when I came upon him in real life too. He was BIG!


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