Monday, June 28, 2010

~the weekend in pictures {and a few words too}~

This weekend, David and I celebrated our 14th anniversary with a staycation.  We had hoped to get away but decided it was best to stay here at home and do a little work around the house.  We always enjoy working side by side so we knew we would enjoy the weekend.  We just didn’t anticipate both of us feeling poorly.  Despite us feeling under the weather, we had a good weekend and accomplished many of the things on our to-do list.  Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

living room before

living room after

~I’ve not decorated yet - I’m still trying to decide how I want to do it. ~

freshlypainted porch~Sorry, I didn’t sweep before the picture. ~

knead dough

view from the pool 

   little feet


I have some really cool pictures from MawMaw & PawPaw’s house to share and some others of our Monday with David at home.  I will share them later this week.  Tomorrow, Dave goes back to work.  We have had a great four days together and I sure will miss him.

I hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. Your living room looks wonderful!! I am sorry you both were under the weather, hope you are back to normal soon!

  2. WOW!
    You are getting alot done around your home!
    Those pictures are BEEYOUTIFUL!
    I loved them all!!!
    I am really wishing I would have planted some wildflowers! They are lovely.
    It's so nice to enjoy time off together. I'm glad that ya'll had that time.

  3. I love the new color of the living room!! It is so refreshing! Your photos are just beautiful!! I hope you both are feeling better!

  4. I completely agree with firefly! On all points. :0)

  5. Thanks you all! We are both feeling better. We joked all weekend about us being sick and both feeling horrible! And we all love the color of the living room too! Everyone wants to be in that room now because it is so bright and inviting! I love yellow! :)


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