Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Rainbow’s End~

On the drive to church this morning, I told my husband, David, how I had been blessed with a gift far greater than all of the money in the world.

DSCN4620  ~ Here comes the rain ~

He waited for me to continue the conversation as I took care of a need from the back seat.  I then proceeded to tell him that I had been blessed to have spent my entire life in the presence of godly men.  My younger years were spent in the home of a man who loved, sacrificed, stayed involved, gave generously, and so much more.  My dad has made it so easy to understand the love of my Father God because my dad has always lived in a very godly manner. 

DSCN4609~Can you see it?~

 The conversation carried on as I told David how I am now blessed to live in the home of another godly man.  A man who has got to be the most servant-hearted person that I know.  He will give of his time to help anyone and he does not expect one iota in return nor will he complain a bit about being put out.  He is a wonderful example of the unconditional and giving love of a godly man. 

DSCN4619 ~The rainbow in the woods behind my mom and dad’s house today during the thunderstorm.  I tried to get a better shot but the lightening chased me back inside. ;)~

I consider the fact that my life has been imprinted by godly men to be the biggest blessing that I could have ever received.  I would not trade it for all of the treasure in the world.  An even greater blessing is that my children are being blessed by these two wonderful men too. 

DSCN4630 ~After the storm~

They say every rainbow has a pot of gold at the end.  I stood right beside a rainbow today and I could actually have gone and searched the end of it because I was so close.  But I didn’t bother.  My treasures were right there with me watching the storm.  That’s where they have been over these years…watching the storms, holding my hands, and praising God in the calm after those storms.  My treasures are my dad and my husband…the two greatest fathers that I know.


  1. Beautiful pictures and words! You are no doubt blessed!

  2. Beautifully written.
    Indeed you are blessed!


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