Friday, June 11, 2010

~Summer Learning~

We have finished our last days of school for this school year but we have not finished learning.  I am a firm believer that learning happens all time and not only when one is studying from a text book.  During the summer, I look for opportunities to enrich my children’s educations and lives through fun learning activities.  Over the next few weeks, I hope to share a few of our summer learning adventures.

DSCN4105Every summer, we make a trip to Hobby Lobby and buy some of these science kits.  My boys love these and are able to complete them on their own.  The kits require the child to construct the project and follow directions.  Of course, there is scientific discovery happening too.  That’s a lot of learning going on!  There are many different kits available and they are quite affordable. 

DSCN4107My Boy Scout son loved this solar oven and set out to cook using the evening sun.  You might notice a trap in the background.  A Boy Scout is always prepared, you know. {smile}

DSCN4112 This is the solar water heater that he used to heat some water.  

DSCN4109 We love these little science kits from Hobby Lobby.  The funny thing for me is that my children don’t even realize that they are learning anything…they just think they are having fun! 


  1. Between your Boy Scout's trap and Baby Boy's fishing pole, you are prepared for anything! E was a riot last night with that "fish pole".

  2. LOL! We are definitely prepared with my boys around! :) I'll be living off of the garden and fish though because I'm not eating what will fit into that trap! I wonder if anyone else's sons are as obsessed with traps and fishing poles as my boys?

  3. I agree that learning happens all the time, it can't be confined to a few hours each day known as school. I like the idea of these kits. I will have to go to Hobby Lobby next time I visit my daughter, we don't have one around here.


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