Sunday, June 13, 2010

~Menu Plan for June 7 – 12 ~


It is my goal to use the summer months to get our household simplified and organized before we resume homeschooling in August. So I am experimenting this week with cooking ahead and freezing some meals. My hope is that by doing this it will make lunch times easier for our family and will keep us from eating out on hectic days. If all goes well, cooking ahead and freezing meals will become second nature to me by the time we begin school again and the new school year will be simplified (and therefore, Mommy will be less stressed and much happier). ~Cook ahead plans will be at the end of the post.~


David, my husband, cooks breakfast for us before he leaves for work. I’m usually working in the garden or exercising so he does this to help me out a bit. It is greatly appreciated! He just likes for me to list breakfast foods and he will pick from the list which ones to make. This week’s breakfast selections are:

  • Eggs & toast, Breakfast Cookies, Granola bars, Granola & yogurt, Cheese or Peanut Butter toast, Pancakes, Smoothies, Muffins, Banana Bread
  • Breakfast is served with a side of fruit

Lunches and Dinners

(You may notice we are heavy on potatoes this week. We will be digging up potatoes tomorrow. Hopefully, I’m not counting my chicks before my eggs hatch with this menu plan. So my fingers are crossed for a lot of potatoes awaiting us in the garden!)

Monday ~

  • Lunch ~ Pizza pockets, cucumbers, fruit
  • Dinner ~ Sausage and roasted potatoes (fresh from the garden…mmmm), green beans, breadsticks

Tuesday ~

Wednesday ~

Thursday ~

  • Lunch~ Quesadillas, corn or salad, fruit
  • Dinner~ Pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs

Friday ~

  • Lunch ~ Corn dog muffins, cucumbers & carrots, fruit
  • Dinner ~ Homemade pizza with a dessert (not sure at this time what dessert)

Saturday ~

  • Lunch ~ Leftovers or soup
  • Dinner ~ Grilled Chicken, potato wedges, veggies


  • popcorn, granola bars, granola, fruit, cookies

Cook ahead Plans

~Recipes listed in menu above~

  • Sunday
    • soak beans for burritos

  • Monday
    • granola
    • breakfast cookies
    • granola bars?
    • breadsticks X2
    • pizza pockets X2
    • cook beans for tomorrow’s burritos

  • Tuesday
    • pizza dough for freezer for Friday
    • bread?
    • cook 3 pounds of ground beef/freeze
    • make/freeze hamburger patties
    • burritos X2
    • shortcake
    • banana bread X2

Whew! I’m tired just looking at that list! However, if all goes well, then next week will be much easier!

To see what others are eating this week, be sure to visit I’m an Organizing Junkie.


  1. YUM-EEE...
    You are a well organized mama!!!
    What an awesome husband to cook a meal for you! I adore hearing about that!!!
    your family is eating so healthy and that is so hard to do, I am sure for a large family. I am excited that you will be digging potatoes. Let me know how they turn out!!!!

  2. I have done meal menus in the past. They have always helped me out, but it doesnt last more than a month or so, not sure why...
    I have not tried freezer meals, though. I hope they work out for you. I may look into them, too. Thank you for blogging about this. Do you mind if I copy some of your ideas??

  3. Your plan looks very good. We love taco potatoes and corn dog muffins too.

  4. DIGGING UP POTATOES!! AH! This is very exciting, ehem. Don't mind my exclamation marks. Lovely menu too! (Drats, there goes another one. Sneaky.)

  5. We planted potatoes in a trashcan this year, they've sprouted and I can't wait to see what we have when we're done. your plan sounds great. have a great week!

  6. Hi Firefly, I just saw this and I don't know if you'll see this comment but please feel free to use these ideas. I hope they will help you. I'm still trying to get the hang of freezer cooking though!


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