Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A trip to MawMaw & PawPaw’s house ~


I love going to David’s Mom & Dad’s house (MawMaw & PawPaw to my children).  Ms. Sheryl, my mother-in-law, has a wonderful sense of style.  Her home has touches of beauty that you would see in an old farmhouse or on the pages of Country Living magazine.  That’s my kind of beauty!  I snapped a few pictures this weekend when we were there to pick up the kids from their stay with MawMaw & PawPaw. 



I am amazed at the beauty of so many things that are natural…things made by God.  Sure, man can make some pretty things but God is the greatest artist ever.

DSCN4780 A simple little row of peaches sitting in the windowsill brought a smile to my face.  They are such pretty little fruits with the different shades of colors blending together.  


DSCN4774 Thanks, Ms. Sheryl & Mr. Travis, for letting me take some pictures at your house!  :)

~On an unrelated and somewhat related note…

When we left MawMaw & PawPaw’s house this past Sunday, we stopped at a convenience store.  The kids and I sat in the van while David ran inside.  My children witnessed something new to them…

~A Dustdevil~

DSCN4786I happened to have my camera in my lap and tried to capture a picture of the rather large dust tornado.  The above picture is the best that I could get as it was moving very quickly.  We felt bad for the ladies standing outside getting snow cones when this dustdevil blew through.

  I love going home because as we get closer to home, we can see the vastness of the sky.   That’s something that I miss due to living in the city.  I love to see the wide openess of the beautiful sky!



  1. seriously?
    those peaches?
    I think,
    those are some of the (((sweetest))) photos I've ever seen.
    Good ones.
    Juicy ones.
    I am having serious thoughts of...
    Peach PIE,Peach cobbler,peach ICE CREAM,peach,peach,peach...
    You are SERIOUSLY making me want a PEACH!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I agree with Amanda, I can just taste the juicy sweetness of those peaches.

  3. Ms. Sheryl did have a peach cobbler that was yummy. She sent a large bowl of peaches home with us and the kids (ok, adults too) have been eating them up! I don't believe that I have enough left for a cobbler but I just might try it. Dave loves peach cobbler! Thanks for the compliments on the pictures.

  4. I love seeing what colors God puts into things. Have you ever notices that the colors he uses never clash??!! I have a hard time making things match and he just breaths the most beautiful colors into a sunset!! Amazing!


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