Tuesday, May 4, 2010

~Spring nature table and then some~


We love keeping a nature table.  Our nature table usually holds books that we are reading related to nature, little treasures that we find in nature, and maybe a science experiment or two.

DSCN3328   DSCN3434








To get a close up view of a sprouting seed, we used a clear vase, filled it with paper towels that we keep moist, and placed bean seeds into the container.  We’ve been watching our seeds to see how they sprout.  It is quite fascinating!

DSCN3334 As we find egg shells here and there around our neighborhood, we add them to our collection in this little bird’s nest. 

DSCN3336 Right outside of our door, we’ve been keeping an eye on this fern.  We believe that a bird is building a nest in it.  She has been sitting on that little painted bird house you see in the picture with leaves in her mouth.  She then jumps up into the fern and leaves it there.  I’m not sure if she is building a nest or not but I’ve decided to forgo watering the plant, just to be on the safe side.  I hope to get a picture of her soon.









We’ve been talking about how seeds are transported to different places.  We found these seeds in our yard.

Here are some things that did not make it inside to our nature table.

DSCN3323 This snake decided that our van looked like a good place to hide.  <shiver>  Now, I realize that some people don’t like to kill snakes and after researching this one & realizing that it was probably a rat snake…  (Notice, I said probably…I really don’t know)  we probably should have let it live.  BUT  I pretty much have a zero tolerance policy concerning snakes.  Plus, we have copperheads and many other poisonous snakes here that I really just don’t take any chances. 

But my boys enjoyed it.  It afforded them a nice little science lesson on dissecting a snake:


And the grass is so green this time of year!  I have to take my shoes off and enjoy it! 

DSCN3424 Here is a sneak peek of two of our future nature table items:











We’ll be sure to share those in a future blog post!

~I got the book pictured above at Barnes and Noble.  As I was checking out, the cashier asked if I was a teacher based upon the books that I was buying.  I told him that I was a homeschooler so he had me fill out a form for educators.  It entitles me to 20 percent off of my purchases.  You may need proof of the fact that you homeschool or teach in a school setting.  AND there was a box to check for homeschoolers so it is intended for us too!~

Here are the books on our Nature table:


  1. love the nature table! You all have been busy bees with spring learning! some fun stuff going on in your homeschool. I love the idea that your boys disected the snake. Yes we too have zero tolerance for them as most around here are copperheads. We found another baby one near our garden this afternoon.(yikes!!) this means mama is somewhere near! loved the fern photo! is that from your front porch?

  2. Yuck! A mama snake! I'm hoping that I don't see anymore but we've all ready seen two little babies too. Ugh! I'm very concerned about my yard waste compost pile in the back. We are probably going to end up sprinkling our property with that snake stuff. (nice technical term there) And that fern is from my front porch! :)

  3. I love the nature table! I also love that your boys decided to disect the snake. Learning experience everywhere!


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