Saturday, May 22, 2010

Homeschool highlights and sound bites from our week

~Homeschool Field Day~






~Come on Sister!  I want to go too!~

~Sound Bite #1~

Baby Boy likes to get into the dry cat food and eat it.  Yes, it is gross.  :)  This week I found him with cat food in his mouth again and I said, “Baby Boy, we don’t eat cat food.  We are humans and we eat human food.  We don’t eat cat food because we are not cats.”  To which he replied, “MEOW.”  ~Smart, smart boy.  He just knew he could make me think he was a cat!~

~Trip to the duck pond park after field day~







~She spent a good bit of time watching the minnows.~


~Sound Bite #2~

My conversation with Baby Boy this morning.  (He provides a lot of comical relief around here.) 

Baby Boy: “Where Daddy?”

Me:  “Daddy’s at the store.”

Baby Boy: “Oh…Where Mammy (Grammy)?”

Me:  “She’s probably at home getting her Saturday started.”

Baby Boy:  “Oh…Where Duck?”

Me:  “The ducks are probably still at the duck pond.”

Baby Boy: “Oh…wack, wack  (quack, quack).”

~At Home Project~

DSCN3973 I found these neat little safari puppets to sew at Hobby Lobby (love Hobby Lobby :) and since Sunshine Girl was learning about animals, I picked up a pack.  Good thing it came with four puppets because everyone wanted to do one. They came in really handy on the day that thunderstorms hit and we were stuck inside. (By the way that big foot in the picture is mine not Sunshine’s. She was sitting in my lap while we were sewing. <smile>)


~End of the year children’s choir presentation~

~I can’t post many pictures here because I don’t want to post pictures of other children without their parent’s approval.  Well, I try not to post face forward shots unless the parents have given approval and since the children are all facing forward while singing…well, that doesn’t leave me with too many pictures.  But Flower Girl is behind this sign (she was carrying it on)…


and singing here.~


~Sound Bite #3~

We’ve been trying to teach Baby Boy to use his words when mad instead of his hands.  And since we are like many other families, our children squabble.  (I don’t know, maybe it’s just us!) This morning I heard Baby Boy and Flower Girl fussing with each other and I headed into the room to help them calm down.  When I got there, Baby Boy looked at me and said, “I mad…I mad.”  He used his words and not his hands.  :)  Of course, a few minutes later I was back and he had to apologize for pulling hair but it’s a step in the right direction! 

These were some highlights from our week.  We are keeping it simple in our homeschool but still having fun and learning.  We have five official days of school left before we begin some of our summer activities.  I look forward to a little less structured time but I have some great plans for the summer too!

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  1. One of my twins, Seth, ate cat food when he was little too! He is now 22 and 6'4 so it must not be too bad for them!!hahaha


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