Saturday, May 8, 2010

~Happy Mother’s Day~

4 generations

Four generations of Barrett women ~ My Mom, my Grandma, my girls, and me

I am blessed ~ truly blessed.  I was brought up in a godly home by godly parents.  My mom and dad are two of the most faithful, generous, and loving people that I know.  And I’ll tell you about my dad next month.  Today, I’m going to share a bit about my mom. 

Here are some things I love dearly about my mom:

  • My mom is a godly woman. 
  • She is my best friend.
  • She can cook like you wouldn’t believe.  No one and I mean no one can make a brisket or roast like her. Even a ham sandwich tastes better made by my mom. :)
  • She is a great encourager.
  • She is who she is and she’s not afraid to be who she is.
  • She thinks and feels deeply.  She wants to get to know things & people on a deeper level than just the surface.
  • My mom has a gentle and quiet spirit ~ some call it reserved and shy ~ I call it gentle and quiet (I Peter 3:4).
  • She may be gentle and quiet but she is a strong woman.
  • She prays daily for my family.
  • She is a good listener. 
  • She loves her children and her grandchildren.
  • She is selfless and generous.

I could go on and on about my mom.  I love her and I am so thankful for her.  I am amazed that God put me in the home that He did and allowed me to be a part of such a special family.  It is one of my biggest blessings in this lifetime.  I only hope (& pray) that I can grow into a woman like the woman who lived her life so openly devoted to God before me. 

And mom, thank you…I love you! 


  1. SWEET!
    You are blessed beyond measure to have a mother like this!
    Happy Mothers Day!!!

  2. I agree. I have a wonderful mother and I marvel that God blessed me in such a way!

  3. Beautiful tribute to a wonderful Mom! Makes me want to get to know her. . . and call my my mom.

  4. SWEET!
    You are blessed beyond measure to have a mother like this!
    Happy Mothers Day!!!


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