Saturday, May 29, 2010

~Flower Girl~


This weekend we will celebrate the birthday of our very special Flower Girl.  For the past three sibling’s birthdays, I have written a special post about the birthday child.  I am unable to do that this weekend but will post my thoughts about my beautiful daughter at the beginning of next week. 



Happy 7th birthday, Flower Girl!  We love you!



  1. yes..Happy Birthday Flower girl!!!
    how about that lucious lettuce!!!WOW!
    You guys know how to grow some mean lettuce!

  2. Thanks Amanda. She had a good birthday. And about the lettuce...I didn't do much of anything. That's one thing I guess we can grow down here. Well, for a little longer. It hasn't started to bolt yet but it probably won't be too much longer. The sad part is that I like cool salads when it gets so hot down here and that's when we can't grow lettuce anymore! :)


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