Monday, May 17, 2010

Bringing the inside out

I wrote the other day about needing motivation to clean my house.  While I was in the midst of cleaning, I found some items that I had tucked away some time earlier.  I wanted to use these items to decorate but my small house didn’t really have the space to display these things. 

When I went outside to switch over laundry, I began to realize that I was looking a blank canvas that needed a little decorating so I brought the inside…out. ~

Plates on the side of the garage~

DSCN3791 I love decorating with plates!  Actually, I just love pretty plates…  I’m hoping to add some more plates in the future and maybe some wrought iron decorative planters like these that are on the front of the garage. 


Little platters and a colander in a shelf by the kitchen door ~

DSCN3793 I added some vinca flowers and ivy to the heart shaped colander.  I have visions of the ivy trailing down from the little colander.

A decorative bowl filled with some flowers amongst the flower pots ~

DSCN3797 I haven’t gotten to this area yet, but I hope to have pots of flowers in this little corner of our yard.

A sweet little teapot hiding in the gladiolas as we await their blooming this summer ~

DSCN3800 That was a little peek at my bringing the inside out.   I’ve got my eyes on the look out for more “pretties” to decorate the outside of my house!


  1. I have to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. It has inspired me to decorate my front porch a little.
    I love plates too! I had 4 blue willow plates from my great grandmother and I broke one last week! It was just a plate, but it was so heartbreaking for me.

  2. Thanks, Amanda! This little blue willow plate was in a collection of some that I had gotten antique shopping. All of the others broke and I put this one away because it made me a little sad. I can completely understand being upset especially since they are from your great grandmother.

    I don't know if you'll see this question so I may come to your blog to ask ~ what kind of camera do you use? I'm using a point and click (though I really want a good manual digital camera but it will have to be later). I've been meaning to ask for a while. I'm having problems with mine and picking the right settings to get an infocus picture (especially in low light). I really wish that I could control it myself! But I'm thankful for this camera ~ it is a good little point and click...I just need to work with it some more!

  3. My camera("s) story is a long one. but in a short story. I have 2...The first one my husband purchased 4 years ago:
    Nikon D-50
    My second one purchased last fall:
    Nikon D-3000.
    They are both about the same. Before I started homeschooling a year ago I was into some "on the side"photography and last summer my shutter went out on the D-50. I was scheduled to do wedding pictures in just a couple of months and was having a hard time finding someone to fix my D-50 because I would have to send it off.
    I was forced to buy a second one for this purpose.

  4. I will try to do a blog post this week on cameras. I've had a couple of folks ask about camera stuff


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