Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Sunday lunch with the family


One of my fondest memories of my childhood is our Sunday dinners together as a family.  We sat down to a special lunch almost every Sunday.  Since my Dad was a pastor, there would sometimes be meals with other families at their homes but if not, Mom made a special lunch for us. We talked and laughed and got to know our family a little bit better. Those were special times that I will remember for the rest of  my  life. 

DSCN4097 It is so easy in today’s rush~rush, hurry~hurry society to overlook the importance of connecting with our family during meal times.  It is sometimes hard to squeak out the time to actually sit and be still together for a few minutes.  But there are many articles on the internet (google for more) that sing the praises of eating together as a family.  Parents and children connect & build stability when they spend this time together.  And let us not forget the fact that children learn manners when they observe their parents and older siblings exhibiting those  manners during a meal.

~Our Special Sunday Lunch~

DSCN4093   Sometimes we keep it really simple but sometimes we dress it up.  I wanted the kids to feel like they were sitting down to a special meal so I started hunting for pretty things to spice it up.



A piece of flowery fabric from the stash… a vibrant saucer from the hutch… a candle from the counter…all little things from around the house to make it nice.  (And yes, it could use an ironing too but I only had so much time. ;)


Once the salad and watermelon were placed on the table, it looked so festive and summery.  It was calling us to sit, eat, and fellowship together.  It was a sweet, special Sunday dinner.  We had a beautiful time as we sat and laughed and talked.  And I believe that we built some precious memories.


I have many memories of my childhood and in my mind’s eye I see the trip my family took to Disney World, a big birthday party at Pipe Organ Pizza, and trips to the beach.  But the memories that stand out to me the most were some of the simple times we had together…Sunday meals, ICEEs after church on Sunday nights, fishing trips with my Dad…I could go on and on.  Yes, the big things were fun and they were special but I will always cling to my simple, precious memories with my family.  How I hope that I am building those kinds of memories for my children too.



  1. My family always got together for Sunday dinners too. It was always a great time and brings back lots of good memories.

  2. What a blessing to have these childhood memories. I want so much for my children to have the simple joys such as these too. The table looks so pretty! Once again, a beautiful post that warmed my heart. I appreciate again too that you enjoyed this sweet time of fellowship with your husband and children.
    Happy Sunday!

  3. What a beautiful lunch you prepared for your family! Some of my fondest memories are sitting on the porch with my granny, hearing stories about when she was a little girl. Those simple times are things we can do everyday to create memories.


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