Thursday, April 1, 2010

Using sign language in our home school

Every week when Sunshine Girl learns her new letter, we also learn some sign language with it.  I use the book My First Book of Sign Language which I’ve had since my days as a first grade teacher. 


There are not many words listed in the book  for each letter but there are enough to excite my young learner.  Sunshine Girl and Baby Boy both love this part and it amazes me at what they can remember. 

Here are some pictures of Sunshine Girl talking to me using sign language.





I could not find any more copies of this book on amazon but here is a listing of some of the other sign language resources available.  I’ve not used any but I have heard that the Signing Time DVDs are really good too.  I’m hoping to buy some for our next school year.

Not only have the children enjoyed learning sign language, it has helped my Little Man who is still learning to verbalize new words everyday. 


  1. This litlte Sunshine girl is so adorable and the way she is moving those cut little fingers...Absolutely adorable!

  2. Thank you, Amanda. She truly lives up to her name. She is a little ray of sunshine!


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