Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunshine Girl’s 4th birthday

~Three posts in one day!  I must need something to do!  ; ) Sorry to hit you with so many posts in one day.  I knew that I was going to write this one.  I just didn’t realize that I would see the Thunderbirds or find broccoli today too.  I was so excited that I decided to share all three! ~

DSCN2976 picture taken by big brother

Yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of our second daughter, fourth born child, Sunshine Girl. 

DSCN2975 sorry ~ it’s a bit blurry

Sunshine is an early riser so you can’t do breakfast in bed for her.  Instead, she got the privilege to eat while sitting on the couch.  Big deal around here…really… :)  She had requested a breakfast of doughnuts and bacon. 

DSCN2977 Everyone worked to make posters to decorate for her birthday…

DSCN2978 and she decided to join us because who wants to be by themselves on their birthday?  She even made a poster for the older kids.


DSCN2982  Usually the birthday child is excused from school but Sunshine wanted to do school.  Who am I to say no to that?  She is working on an “All About Me” scrapbook.  I’ll share that when we are finished.

DSCN2984 She is so proud of her new Barbie bicycle.  Her Barbie can even ride along with her.  She is so funny with the helmet.  She must put it on to move the bike even if it is to park it at night and it only needs to be moved about 10 or so feet!



DSCN2986 Trying to keep up

DSCN2991 Sunshine Girl planned the menu for the day too.  For lunch, she requested pizza and strawberries & grapes.  Dinner was chicken nuggets & curly-q fries.  Her birthday cake was supposed to be a Barbie cake.  Someone <me> failed to  read the directions fully and did not have enough cake batter nor time to mix up a homemade cake.  Our Barbie would have been super short.  I feel so bad about it…I really do.  (It’s that mommy guilt thing.)  I’m thinking about making a special Barbie cake this weekend.  Like I said, I feel bad about it.

So Dave took her to the store and she picked out a cake.

DSCN2992I can not believe it but my sweet Sunshine Girl is 4 years old!  I look forward to another great year with my baby girl!


  1. i think the birthday posts are my favortie. b/c I enjoy how simple your family celebrate together and to see the children all decorating and making a birthday special is so just don't see this anymore! thanks for sharing her special day!

  2. Looks like a very fun birthday -- Ellie loves her bike helmet, too! And I still can't get over everyone's choice for birthday breakfast -- doughnuts and bacon?! Can't get better than that. .. those are my kinda kids!


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