Friday, April 9, 2010

Some gardening links, a funny moment, and a prayer request

I am in the midst of a super busy weekend and need to go to bed here fairly soon.  But I wanted to share a little bit before I go to sleep.

~ Gardening Links ~

It’s that time of year when gardening consumes much of my thoughts.  I have come across some new blogs that I’ve been reading.  I’ve not completely checked them out but what I’ve seen looks good.  I’m not going to say much about these blogs/websites.  I’ll let you check them out and see what you think.  Here are some of my old favorites and some new to me blogs:

down – to – earth   

Garden Girl ~ urban sustainable living

Path to Freedom ~ also urban homesteading but very interesting.  They have a blog on this site too.

An Oregon Cottage

~ A Funny Moment ~


Sunshine Girl requested some cheese crackers the other day.  And David who is married to a teacher mommy came home, without prompting from me, with a box of Scrabble Junior Cheese Nips.  (He speaks my love language!)  We were searching through the letters and looking for the ones that Sunshine remembers when she found a U which was our letter of the week.  I reminded her that the letter U says /u/ (uh).  She continued searching and found another letter U at which she happily exclaimed, “Look Mommy, two uh, uhs.”  It made everyone in the room smile.  Now, she insists that the letter U is not actually named U, but is named, “uh, uh”.   (I wish I had an auditory recording of this because it was really funny.  It does not translate well to print.)

~ A Prayer Request ~

I need to ask a little prayer request please.  This might seem a little bit like a frivolous (really I can’t think of the word I need here right now) request but I need a little help right now.  I have to sing a solo in the morning.  It is a song to which we sing the chorus all of the time (May All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful).  However, I am singing the whole song and I just really learned the verses today.  I am so super nervous.  First, this is to be sung at a women’s event honoring our Senior Adult ladies.  I would like to honor God and them by singing well so that they can focus on the message of the song and not my singing.  (did I say that right?)  Second, I have not been singing much since I had my last son and I’m not as comfortable as I once was.  Please lift up a little prayer in the morning and ask God to sing through me, to let His message be understood, to calm my nerves, and to help me keep the focus on Him. 

Like I said, somewhat of a not so serious request but on my mind right now, none the less. 

All right, I’d best get to bed because tomorrow is an early morning to a long day.

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. a good request indeed. I think God so much appreciates these little things we come to him in our shows Him how REAL we are! Glad I am getting to know you and I am praying for you now!
    You will sing a beeyoutiful song today!!!!

  2. you won't see this in time, but know that we prayed for you!

  3. Thanks for the gardening links! I really enjoyed the urban homestead!

  4. @ Amanda, Thanks for the prayers. I appreciate it. I love the urban homestead one too. I would so love to have a set up like that. They really inspire me to do what I can with my little patch of earth.

    @ Mariann, Thank you! Hope the boys are feeling better.


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