Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snapshots of a Saturday

I had so much school work that I needed to do today but it was just too beautiful to stay inside.  There was this perfect balmy breeze blowing too.  I just could not waste a day like that indoors.

DSCN3069We rolled the compost bin today and the kids moved the blocks to look for slugs (ick!) and rollie pollies.

 DSCN3070 The face says it all about the slugs.  Even though they are totally creeped out by slugs, they all love them.  And oh, my beautiful mason jar ~ now a home to slugs!

DSCN3075Even my girly girl loved the bugs.  She now has a collection of rollie pollies and…

DSCN3112  a collection of cabbage worms.  She wants to see if they will turn into the butterflies.  I told her that I was trying to kill them, not breed more of them. ;0) 

DSCN3098 I can’t help but think, “the king on his throne”!

DSCN3083 Sunshine Girl is into picking out her own outfits lately.  It makes me smile! :)




DSCN3110 He was going so fast and was so close here that I didn’t even know that I had gotten the shot until I looked at the picture on my camera!

We watched the air show from our backyard but tomorrow we hope to see it up close!

I went outside and was blessed with this beautiful view.  I had to run back inside to get my camera.


Goodnight, y’all!


  1. What a lovely day you had with your family. Just being outside make the day so much better. There are many times we just take school outside. Funny how it doesn't seem so much like work when done in the warm sunshine!

  2. love those air shots! We've had a rainy weekend...It's nice to see shots of sunshine. Love those cowboy boots!!!
    Enjoy your day!


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