Sunday, April 25, 2010

Looks like a good day for an air show

So after writing numerous posts about our sightings of the Thunderbirds flying over and around our house, we went to see them for real and for true today! 

DSCN3164 Our family loves airplanes.  My husband was a crew chief for A-10s when he was in the Air Force Reserves and he always dreamed of being a pilot.  I now have a son who wants to be in the military and would like to be a pilot also.  I myself have always wanted to fly an airplane.  We just really love planes around here!  So we jump at the chance to go to the air show.

DSCN3156 The two little ones weren’t as crazy about the planes especially when the Thunderbirds would buzz the crowd.  Those planes are really very loud!  But it was a great time even if we had to walk 1,000 miles quite a way to get there. 

Here are a few photos from our day at the air show.

DSCN3159 This is my attempt at a photo of a fast moving plane.  I just could not capture it in the photo.  I guess my reflexes are slowing down!  ;0) So Dave took most of these pictures (while holding a baby, I might add).




  DSCN3169 DSCN3178 Baby Boy was fascinated with the man sitting on the helicopter. 

DSCN3200 There’s just something really funny about seeing the tail end of a plane sticking out of the hanger.

It was a beautiful day and we had a great time at the air show!


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  1. I have really enjoyed these photos! Those clouds are breathtaking. I can see why your boys are fascinated with airplanes...they look so amazing! It's nice to see some sunshine photos...we've had rain just about all weekend with a few nice clouds here and there.


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