Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How does your garden grow?

I love gardens.  When we make the trip down to my parent’s house in the summer, I will gaze out of the window and comment on all of the gardens we pass.  It’s probably boring for everyone in the van but I sure do love to see gardens.  They are truly works of art and beauty to me!

Every morning, I get up and set out to wash clothes in our detached garage.  Of course, I have to make a little trip out to the garden to see what’s growing.  I am always so excited over those first few baby plants.  Well, I’m pretty excited when there is a vegetable or fruit to harvest too!

So I thought that I would share what’s growing in my garden this year.  Not only will I get to talk about what I love, it will help me to keep up with what’s going out there because I don’t always write it down like I should!

spring garden Clockwise from top left:   red potatoes, purple cabbage, broccoli, sugar snap peas, radish, purple onion, leaf lettuce, rainbow chard

Not shown: green cabbage, yukon gold potatoes, buttercrunch lettuce, yellow onion, and spinach

And not mentioned:  weeds…yes, it’s time to weed

I tend to tarry a while outside and listen to the birds (and usually a leaf blower or two).  This morning, I happened to catch the sunrise.  I’m not usually out this early but I’m trying to get back into the habit of waking early.  That spring forward time change always takes a bit of adjustment for me before I am able to rise early again.


I turned to see my next gardening project…a berry patch and a mini vineyard.  We bought many berry plants and grapes on sale.  I’m hoping to build our berry patch this week.


I had a little helper who came with me this morning.  He and I sat and watched the birds.  We have noticed two robins gathering straw from our garden.  My older boys saw them going into the attic of our neighbor’s house.  This morning, we saw them bringing worms into the attic.  We had fun watching them for a while.


DSCN2634 Momma or Daddy Robin on our roof after taking a worm in to the nest.

We also watched two doves (I think) sitting on the power lines in the back of our yard. I have seen them in a tree close to that spot so I’m thinking that they may have a nest there.  They were squabbling and preening each other.  They reminded me of an old married couple.  When I came outside much later to change over the clothes, they were still in that same spot.  They are very attentive parents!


As we went back into the house, we passed my flower beds on the side of the house.  My tulips are finished but I am going to replace them soon with herbs & flowers.  I’m going to leave the front half of the bed just for flowers.  The back half will be herbs, loofah sponge plant (really cool and the hummingbirds love the flowers), and flowers.  I may have to squeeze in some peppers if I can’t find room for them in the big garden!

DSCN2623 The future herb & flower garden

DSCN2624 The front garden that will be just flowers and English ivy.

One last shot before I go.  This morning while I was taking pictures of the doves, we saw the moon still out.  There was a cloud floating close by too but I couldn’t get a good shot.

DSCN2654 I definitely look forward to the early mornings to soak in God’s beautiful creation.

DSCN2656 Ok, so I included the picture of the wispy little cloud floating by.  It was hard to capture with the camera but it was so pretty in real life.

Thank you God for all of the beauty that You share with us!


  1. What a lovely and inspiring post. I actually stepped outside this morning too (not normally what I do) and enjoyed a bit of the stillness and the birds singing. I love your gardens and am impressed with your plans. I also love to look at everyone's gardens when we are driving somewhere - there are so many beautiful ideas out there! You are almost (almost!) making me wish my laundry was in a detached garage! :)

  2. I just love seeing your garden. It is so pretty. I too enjoy looking at others gardens. It gives me so many ideas! I suppose that one of the things I enjoy about reading others blogs is getting that sneak peak to see what other families are up to. It is almost like taking that sunday drive in my living room.(almost!) I love to hear your plans of your grape fine and flowers. Matt and I were just talking over dinner last night about adding some fruit trees and blueberry bushes. We planted a strawberry patch last year and are excited to see what it does this year. I appreciate your joy for nature so much...In the photos I have seen you have a little area, but have chosen to use your space wisely and with care making the most out of every little bit. So many people have so much land to work with and to see someone with little make it so abundant is refreshing. We live on an acre of land and I find it exciting and challenging to see what we can fit into every corner.
    GREAT PHOTOS of the MOON!!!! I am looking forward to see how your garden plans come together!
    (sorry this comment is so long, but I enjoy these posts!)


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