Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden harvest for April~


I’ve been plugging away on my to do list over these past few days and I’ve made some progress.  I figured since I’ve been working hard, I could fit in a little blog time.  And I really needed a break!  I’ve been planning the older children’s core subjects for the rest of this school year and I think my brain may be fried!  But having the next few weeks all laid out before me has made me a little more excited about school.  I’ve have been experiencing burnout in a very big way.  Actually, I told a friend today that I didn’t know if I could make it one more day.  I am so ready to end this year.  It has been my hardest year of homeschool yet!  But I think I may now have enough strength to get through the remainder of days.  I do know that I will be changing some things next year.  But that will all come in another post…

My real reason for posting tonight is to post my garden harvests for the month.  This is really for my knowledge unless you like this sort of stuff.  I’m just trying to use this blog to help me journal my garden and all that jazz.  Plus, I just really like to talk gardens.  :) And oh, I’ve got some cool stuff in my garden to share soon…you know, as soon as I wipe out more of this to do list.  {sigh}  (Amanda, I borrowed your pretty little brackets! ;)

So here are the harvests for the month of April:

~First harvest of lettuce, spinach, and green onion~


 ~Second harvest of lettuce, spinach, and green onion made into a salad (carrots and tomato from the store)~


~Third harvest~


So I harvested spinach and lettuce and cut some onion.  That’s it.  :)  We probably would have had some radish too but I planted it in a clayish area and it could not grow in the dense soil.  I just recently replanted it in a better soil around the salad garden area.  So I should have radish in a short while. 

I am anticipating many more good things to be harvested in May.  I can’t wait!

Since I garden in a small area, I have to plant many plants by other types of plants.  I’ve been searching for an easy to read chart on companion planting and I found one at My Square Foot GardenThis chart is so useful for companion planting and square foot gardening which I have done the past few years.  Here’s a link to the chart.  I printed it out and am going to place it in my gardening journal. 

All right, off to relax a bit more before I either head to bed or work on that list some more… :)  See you soon!


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  1. oh how i love plans too..somehow it helps me to write them down too. glad to hear you are catching up...hope ya'll are feeling better.
    have a great weekend!


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