Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today, you’re 12…

Today we celebrated the birthday of our newly twelve-year-old son.  We try to make birthdays extra special around here.  We pretty much let the birthday child make many decisions and take it as easy as possible for the day.  He or she is treated like a king or a queen.  Here is how Bryce spent his first day as a twelve-year-old:

DSCN2148 Breakfast in bed

Bryce chose a breakfast of chocolate covered and glazed donuts with bacon.  You might notice that he also has a Dr. Pepper there.  Yes, sugar overload…this is definitely not an every day thing.  :0) 

DSCN2149 While the birthday boy ate breakfast, the rest of us spent our time making posters and decorating the living room. 


Some of us got a little too into the poster paints!

DSCN2152 This was actually the second attempt at decorating the living room.  After the first decorating, I could not even walk through the living room.  Seriously…

DSCN2155 Bryce reading all of his birthday posters made by his brothers and sisters


DSCN2162 My handsome boys


Lunch, chosen by the birthday boy, was lasagna Hamburger Helper and strawberries.  I added carrots as a side dish for anyone who wanted them.  ;0)


We spent the beautiful afternoon outside and Bryce rode on his new birthday present. 

DSCN2220 After a dinner of gumbo & rice, we had a chocolate chip cookie cake.  I was going to decorate it for him but he just told me to spread the icing all over the cake because he wanted every bite to have some icing.

DSCN2174 I mentioned last night how organized Bryce is.  I was tickled when I walked in and saw his birthday cards all in a row.  I just had to take a picture.  :0)

Bryce had a wonderful 12th birthday and we look forward to many, many more! 


  1. Adriane, It looks like your son had a wonderful birthday! I love the photo of him holding his younger brother. There is a smile on his face that says " i love my family" It is so special that you are taking the time to make wonderful memories with your children. So many times parents get caught up in big birthday parties and it is refreshing to see that your family enjoys the simple things in life!

    Encouraged yet again,

  2. Thank you, Amanda. I loved that picture too. It melts my heart when I see it. :0)


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