Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day in pictures

~and maybe a few words…

You probably don’t have days like this. :0) (Edited because this did not sound the way I wanted it to sound. I meant that you probably don't have bad mood days like this. I did not intend to say that you don't have fun days like this. Ugh! See why I'm keeping my mouth shut today! Now, heading to bed at 7:30 pm so I can sleep off the rest of this day!)

Since I’m kind of in a rotten mood today, my mouth and words seem to be getting in my way. So I’m going to limit my words in this post. ;0)

Green Eggs & Ham


Shamrocks & Dr. Seuss

(Dr. Seuss really has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day but since we had green eggs & ham and we missed his birthday, we just read his books today.






Lucky pennies left by the Leprechauns


Planting potatoes


Dinner: (no pictures) Shepard’s Pie, fried cabbage, green beans, & green milkshakes

More green…


It’s too late for this St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m going to link to a post on one of my favorite blogs for next year.

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas


  1. I'm impressed. We didn't do anything special. It's Spring Break and I'm bein' lazy! ;)

  2. Salinda, I read on your blog about your sewing class with the girls. That is so not "lazy". Actually, lazy is not a term that I would ever use to describe you! :)


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