Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preschool ~ The Letter Q

Tot School

~Sunshine Girl is 46 months old~

I figured that Sunshine Girl had probably do the letter Q before it got too warm around here. It’s hard to talk about quilts when it’s almost 70 degrees outside!

Q is for quilt


Using the template from DLTK, Sunshine Girl placed scrap pieces on the letter Q.

DSCN1516 Activity found here at Making Learning Fun

DSCN1607 Activity found here at Homeschoolshare

Q is for quarters

DSCN1585 Making quarter rubbings

DSCN1591 Tossing quarters in the can

DSCN1598 Someone kept moving the can…

Q is for queen


Idea for the queen found at No Time for Flashcards

She also dressed up as a queen but took the outfit off before I got a picture of it.

Q is for q tips

DSCN1628 This large Q printable and other activities are found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Q is for Quaker cereal


Q is for quite a mess


Q is for quick and quiet on a quilt



We had quite a good time with the letter Q!

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