Friday, March 19, 2010

Photographs by my children & some links

Sunshine Girl asked for permission to take pictures with my camera the other day.  It’s always neat to see the pictures taken from their point of view.  Here are her pictures:




A picture of Sunshine Girl taken by me:


Hot Rod was taking some potato planting pictures and he snapped a few others of the garden.  In my opinion, he does a very good job of framing an object in a picture.  (I did not crop any of his pictures.  They are posted as is.  Actually, I did not crop Sunshine Girl’s pictures either.  The only one that was cropped was mine!  :0)






It always amazes me how God sends people along with words that you need to hear.  Of course, we read these words in His word but when you also hear them from a human… well, let’s just say that you sit up and take notice.  When God gives words that I’ve been contemplating to a human to say to me… it’s like I’d better listen because He really wants me to hear it.  I want to leave you with a few links that I’ve come across lately that have really spoken to me… in case you’d like to read them too. 

Raising Arrows – Slow Down

Holy Experience – How to Really Spring Clean  (Actually, anything on her blog is great!) 

Have a blessed and restful weekend. 

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