Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our weekend

Saturday morning began early with all of us getting ready to take Flower Girl to her GA Parade of Nations event. She and her fellow GA’s had been learning about Spain and conversing with missionaries from there. Today was the day that they would share that information with us and other churches.

DSCN1901 Flower Girl in her Spanish dress.


We had to ride out of town to a church in the country. It was such a beautiful ride. Fields were starting to turn green and there were dogwood trees blooming everywhere. Baby Boy was enthralled by the cows that he saw here and there. For about 8 miles all we heard from him was, “Look…mooooo…look…moooooo…cow…look…”


We spent a few hours at the Parade of Nations. Children from various churches paraded and showed us the country they were representing. We also listened to a missionary for Bolivia. It was very touching. I’m always ashamed and humbled when I see how so many other people of the world live in poverty-like conditions. It makes me realize how very blessed and rich I am. Not to mention what these people will do to hear the good news. I’m just amazed…

DSCN1907 Some of the flags of the various nations and children awaiting their turn to parade for us.

After we tasted cuisine from the various countries, we headed home to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day outside in the sunshine. Everyone worked to ready the garden area for planting.



In the course of working, Sunshine Girl came up to me looking very…sick. She said she felt bad and wanted to go in. I held her for a while and then she fell asleep. Later when she woke up, her fever had risen to 103 degrees and she had a very deep cough! Poor baby! She feels better today though she is not completely well yet. She was amazed because before she went to sleep, the yard looked like the above picture and when she woke up, it looked like this:


Dave and the boys put the fence up for me and built the trellis for my sweet snap peas. Soon they will build an arbor for the entrance of our garden.


I was able to build up five 8 foot x 2 foot rows. When I finished and went inside, I could barely move or keep my eyes open. Gardening is some hard work! This evening, I made one more row and planted purple and green cabbage, broccoli, and white onions. I hope to build boxes around these rows and use them as raised beds. I just ran out of time this weekend and had plants that really had to get in the ground!

DSCN1961 Can you see my rows? Squint really hard because they were hard work and I want to show them off. ;0)

Everywhere this weekend, you could see signs of spring:

The tulips are getting ready to show us their splendor.


The pansies and their cute little “faces”.


One time as we were entering the house, I could hear the song of a bird that I had never heard before. It was right overhead and I looked up to find the bird. There sat a bird on a branch singing a beautiful song…

DSCN1955 Can you see the bird in the picture? Can you see what is at the top of the picture? That smart bird built its nest right by our door and right above our bird feeder. I hope we hear some baby birds soon!

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