Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our weekend where we welcomed spring in a new way

~ You know you’re busy when you can’t write about the weekend until Tuesday night!   Busy times, I tell you…but here’s our weekend where we said hello to the first day of spring.~


We woke early on Saturday to a beautiful spring morning.  I knew that rain had been forecasted but as I looked out the window, I figured that the weather man had been wrong.  It was a beautiful spring morning – the perfect temperature, the perfect little breeze, the perfect amount of sunshine…just perfect.

The older boys and I took a walk & bike ride around the neighborhood.  Oh, how I love walking through the neighborhood and looking at flower gardens.  I always want to come home and go buy some new plants! :0)


The day went on and the sky did start to look a little more gray.  And then I heard someone on Facebook mention that it was going to snow!  I could not believe that the day we started with could possibly turn into snow! 

I went out to the garden to water my seeds.  I still wasn’t sure if it was really going to rain.  While I was out in the garden, the older boys were digging in the back part of the garden area.  Actually, all of the kids love to dig back there.  I hope they aren’t too disappointed when I plant in that area! 


Whenever we are out in the garden digging or cultivating, the birds will come and try to get worms and bugs from the ground that we are tearing up.  It surprises us how close they will get to us.  I tried to get a picture of a red-bellied robin who was coming within arm’s reach of the boys but she wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to snap her picture!

DSCN2115 Standing still as we wait for the robin to return

The day went on with the changing and sorting of clothes as we get ready for the warmer weather.  There was also some spring cleaning going on…we were preparing to welcome the first day of spring!

DSCN2104 The great clothes switch-a-rooni

We went to bed on Saturday and as the rain came down, I realized that I really didn’t need to water my plants that morning!  :-P

We awoke on Sunday and as I lifted the blinds as I do every morning, I said these words,DSCN2123

It’s snowing!”

Snow…in the Deep South…in March…very, very crazy!

The kids were amazed that it was snowing again.  Snow for the third time in a year!  That’s more than any of them had seen in their whole lifetimes.  I told them that it wouldn’t stick because it wasn’t cold enough.  The Hunter replied, “Good.  It was fun last time but I could do without it!” 

And then we drove to church in it!  We don’t drive in the snow in the Deep South!  That is unheard of! 

It was a great day at church and I heard some words in Sunday School and from Bro. Floyd’s sermon that I have been hearing a lot lately…but that’s a whole other post.

Sunday evening ended our day with the church Bible drill.  We found out that Flower Girl has an excellent speaking voice as she helped recite the books of the Bible.  We were told by people that she should be in drama.  :0)  The Hunter and Hot Rod both participated in the church drill and they both advanced to the associational drill.  I was so very proud of my children!  :0)

DSCN2128 Nervously awaiting the results of the church Bible drill

We had a great weekend as we welcomed spring…even if it was a in a bit different way! 

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