Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our weekend where we took an unexpected trip

Every year we like to take a trip to the zoo…and every year we say that we will go in the spring.  Usually we are not able to go until June and by then it is pretty hot here in the Deep South.  After  a day at the zoo in June, we walk away red-faced and wiped out from the heat.  Most of the time, it also too hot for the animals in June and they are hiding in the shade.  Then we say what we say every time we go to the zoo, “We really need to go to the zoo in the spring”.

When spring rolls around, we pull out our calendars and search for a day to go to the zoo.  More often than not, our calendar is full in the spring.  (As it stands right now, every weekend in April is all ready accounted for!)  Once again, we end up going to the zoo in the heat.

Last night, we saw that we had a weekend open and we thought that a trip to the zoo should happen today. It was a great day to go…not too hot and not too cold…the animals were out and about…   We took a picnic lunch and ate where, unfortunately, we could smell the animals.  (yuck!)  Then we chased the baby walked all over the zoo and had a blast! 


And because of our trip to the zoo, I now have plans in my head for the last few letters of the alphabet for Sunshine Girl’s school! 

Anyway, it was a great day and we enjoyed being together as a family.  We are often so busy that it was a good day to enjoy just having fun together. 


  1. It is so much fun to have these fun filled family days! I am so excited that your family enjoyed such a lovelee day. More importantly isn't it nice that you took that extra step to make the time to do so! I always look forward to the picture taking more than anything and it looks like you did the same! WOW you captured some sweet photos~I love them! I love your alphabet ideas for your little one. I am looking forward to see what you come up with.

  2. Love it! Tyler, Alexandria, or Monroe?

  3. Amanda, I do love the picture taking! This time some of the pictures were also taken by my husband and my oldest son. The whole family loves to get their hands on my camera!

    Salinda, It was Tyler Zoo. We haven't been to Alex or Monroe in a while. We need to go back to those too because they have the trains. BTW, I have discovered the collage feature on Picasa. Love it!


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