Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our homeschool this past week ~ The trying to get back into a routine week

Disclaimer - I know that I have friends and family who read this blog who are not homeschoolers.  I do not intend to make this blog all about homeschooling.  However, I have found that when you homeschool, it becomes a large part of your life.  So I can’t not talk about it.  I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a homeschool blog but I really don’t see how I can keep up with another blog.  So, if you are bored by my posts on homeschooling, it won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t read it.  :0) (This was not meant in a snarky way either.)

Wow, this has been a hard winter for our homeschool.  We have suffered much in the way of illness and just when I think we’re all better – BAM – we start another round of the sickies. 

We started this week with the baby suffering from what I thought might be allergies but was a cold trying to psyche me out.  But I was determined to plug away anyway even if we had to do school with a toddler riding my hip. 


The kids jumped out of bed on Monday morning and went straight to work on their school work.  I wish that they would do that everyday but it’s hard to have something as motivating as bowling with other homeschoolers every day of the week.  :0)  They knew that they had to finish their morning work folder in order to go bowling and that’s what they did. 

DSCN1668 It was a rainy day that day and we had been cooped up inside so it was nice to spend some time with our friends and get in a little PE too!

DSCN1679This semester,  the boys are doing Chemistry in Science using Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.  This week we were learning about compounds and mixtures.  Here the boys were exploring everyday household objects that were mixtures or compounds.  They really love this kind of stuff!

One of the bowls contained a mixture of water and oil.  They were discussing what was going on in that bowl so I decided to show them how water and oil react on a larger scale by pouring it into a mason jar glass.  They wanted me to pour in some dish detergent to see what that would do.  Oh, but that wasn’t enough.  They also wanted some apple cider vinegar in there.  It was…ummm…interesting.

DSCN1676 So we created our own mixture and learned a bit about density too (and probably something we didn’t even know we were learning).

Of course, I wanted to do something with some bang and wow factor so we all gathered around the kitchen sink for this:

DSCN1682 I’m thinking that I may have gotten a little ahead of our chemistry book.  Oh well, they loved it!

DSCN1279 We’ve also been preparing for the upcoming Bible drill competition by playing some games. 

In the picture above, I had written the verses on pieces of paper and attached it to the wall.  The boys would toss a ball at one of the pieces of paper and then they would say the verse from memory.  After that, they would look the verse up in the Bible.  If they were correct, they would write their name on the paper.  After a verse had been found by both boys at least two times, we would remove the paper from the wall and replace it with another. 


The boys do very well quoting the verses so we have switched our focus to finding them in the Bible.  On this particular day, our board contained our vocabulary from our day’s reading of Mr. Popper’s Penguins and their Bible verses.  They look the verses up in the Bible and place an index card there for me to check to see if they found it.  I love that we can learn both reading vocabulary and the Bible everyday! 

DSCN1716 The end of the week held beautiful spring like weather so we quickly wrapped up our week of work and headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather, newly budding plants, and some football! 

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