Thursday, March 25, 2010

My new obsession…


Look what I learned to do!

I’ve been wanting to learn how to applique for the longest time and when my friend Salinda mentioned teaching a class…well, I was all over it.

I’m as slow as a turtle but it is so much fun!


I’m all ready envisioning all of the things that I can applique!  If I can find the time, that is.  :0) 

More to come, I’m sure!


  1. That looks awesome! I'm glad you took the class!

  2. I think you did a great job! What a fun thing to learn! My excuse when I want to learn something fun and exciting is "cant this be part of school? " lol! Keep us posted on how it is going!

  3. Salinda, Thank you for offering the class. :0)

    Amanda, I didn't think about making it part of school. That may be how I can find time for it! Of course, I'll have to do it when the baby is asleep or it would be a catastrophe. ;0)


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