Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daybook ~ Spring is on its way


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Outside my window... a rainy day but the spring planting has begun!  The tulips and pansies are in the ground.  Cabbage, broccoli, onions, sweet peas, radishes, and potatoes will all go in soon.

I am thinking... about my mom.  This Friday, March 12 would have been the 31st birthday of my brother who passed away 4 years ago.  Someone who also suffered a loss of her son whom my mom had been trying to help took her  life this weekend.  My mom is really very sad right now.

I am thankful for... my husband.  He is a great husband and father.  He is my best friend.  I am so thankful for him.

From the learning rooms... school was out unexpectedly on Monday for a maintenance day.  Basically, everything tried to fall apart around here on Monday and we had to take care of those things.  Today is back to work – pretty much doing the basics. 

From the kitchen... I spent hours a few weekends ago planning a menu for the month.  Then this week has kind of put all of that on hold because I’ve not been able to get to the store yet.  So we are eating out of our pantry and I’m flying by the seat of my pants.  I should mention that I don’t fly by the seat of my pants very well!  :0)

I am wearing... cropped yoga pants and a hot pink shirt.

I am creating... flower gardens and a vegetable garden.  We tilled this past weekend.  Now I need to find time to pull out the grass and make rows and raised beds.  Oh, and we’re putting a fence around it.

I am going... all over the place this week!  I really would rather be at home!

I am reading... The Beth Moore study of Daniel.  Very, very interesting.  Educating the Wholehearted Child by Sally Clarkson.  Hoping to read A Charlotte Mason Companion again soon.  I’m also looking to order the book Backyard Homestead(ing)

I am hoping... that Tuesday will be a better day than today was.  It was a rough Monday.

I am hearing... The TV that no one is watching.  I really should turn it off.  Ahhh, now I hear the rain outside.

Around the house... mainly working in the garden.  I put flowers in my flower bed outside of the kitchen which is our main entrance.  Well, I’m halfway done.  We will soon put a white picket fence around our garden and hopefully an arbor.  I also plan on painting the porch soon.  Then I’m on to painting the kids’ rooms and hopefully repainting my living room.  It is red and while I love red, I am tired of the red.  I think I need some yellow.

One of my favorite things... gardening.  I think that working in the dirt is the best therapy for me.

A few plans for the rest of the week: busy week:  I’m going to visit with some friends on Tuesday night; church on Wednesday and hopefully no one will be sick so I can go to choir, also park day for homeschoolers; Thursday is a dentist appointment for me and maybe a field trip that I haven’t decided upon yet; Friday – shopping; Saturday – parade of nations for the GAs ~ seems like I’m forgetting something…

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...  P5240069 Hot Rod will be celebrating his 10th birthday on Monday.  He will hit the double digits!  This picture is from Memorial Day weekend of 2009. 

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  1. What a heavy time for your mother. I will be sure to remember her and the family of the other woman during my quiet time prayers this afternoon. She is blessed to have such a caring, loving and thoughtful daughter in you. I enjoyed your daybook very much! I pray you have a blessed week.

  2. Thank you very much for visiting and for your prayers. I truly appreciate your prayers. I tried to come to your blog to tell you that but I couldn't view it. I don't know if it is my browser or what? I'll try back again later so I can visit your blog too. Thank you, again.


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