Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine’s Day Skating Party

~I’m still on blogging break (yeah, right) but had a little time tonight and wanted to post some of my current pictures.  I’m going to turn comments back on since I will be popping in to publish posts over the next few days. ~

We are a part of home school support group that has a Valentine’s Day party every year.  My children love this skating party and look forward to it every year.  I did not get many pictures because I was busy helping my children but here are a few from the day.


Blurry picture (sorry) but it makes me smile so I’m posting it!  :0)



Hot Rod practiced on the carpet.  He and I were both a little nervous on this particular day.  You see, last year in January, he fell and broke his arm at a skating party.  On this day after he got his confidence back , he was on the floor with the rest of the skaters but he took it easy.  Because of the broken arm experience, every time I saw a skater fall, I held my breath prepared for the worst.  A broken bone will do that to you.

Sunshine Girl practiced on the carpet too.  It was her first time to skate.


Everyone had a lot of fun and I am thankful to the people who organize this event for our children every year!

On the ride home, we looked through our Valentine cards from our fellow home schoolers and talked about how much we love CFE Valentine skating parties!

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