Monday, February 1, 2010

The Art Box ~ Snow Art

I’ve been wanting to participate in the Art Box for a while and now I finally have time! Yay!

This week, Sunshine Girl was learning S is for snowman so I carried the s and snow theme over to art box.


Project 1:

* wooden shapes: snowman, snowflake, star, the letter s

* blue and white paint

*white glitter

Sunshine Girl painted the shapes and sprinkled with glitter. LOTS and LOTS of glitter. (Her favorite part!)


Project 2:

* empty soda bottle

* white paint (we used tempera at first, but we found out that you need to use craft paint. The tempera flakes off.)

* brushes

*other paint for the details or googly eyes, pipe cleaners for arms, fleece scraps for the scarf, hat

I found this idea at this site. If I had read her directions I would have seen not to use tempera paint! ;0)


All of the siblings got in on the fun!


Baby Brother was learning about blue and winter. So he drew pictures with chalk. (And he tasted the chalk – yes, I’m sometimes a bad mommy.)


He painted with white paint on a piece of blue construction paper. He would. not. let. go. of the paint brush. I wish I had a picture of that! Hard to take that picture though when I’m the one he is struggling with!


And he painted with blue…


We even painted his hands. He loved this! However, I did not wipe all of the blue paint off of his hands and he let me know! He was telling his daddy about it when he got home by pointing to his hands and the picture hanging on the line.


Sunshine Girl colors a wooden seal. This was a kit that came from Michael’s. (I love Michael’s!)


We did not get to all of the objects that I had in the art box but we had fun with what we did do!

I’ve had fun planning this week’s new box too!

For a peek at some other art boxes, please visit Tired, Need Sleep

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  1. Oh wow - I'm in love with those adorable snowmen, what a wonderful idea! Glitter is a big hit here too, and handprints too. :) So cute how he loved painting and then wanted all the paint off of his hands; what a cute little guy! Thank you for linking up!


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