Tuesday, February 16, 2010

snow days

~I’m still taking a little blog break.  (Though it is starting to look like I’m not. ;0)  I’m under the weather and sitting still tonight and had pictures on the camera so I thought that I’d put together a few posts of our special days. ~


A few weeks ago my 3 year old Sunshine Girl was learning about the letter S is for snow.  We had to make snow because around here, we rarely get snow.  She asked me that week when it would snow for us and I told her that it probably wouldn’t.  Little did I know…


Since the last time we had gotten a snow like this was in 2001, I have had little experience with snow.  I learned some lessons from our time with the snow and I want to document them here so when it snows again in 10 years, I might be better prepared. ;0)


1.  Always have tissue in your pocket because you will need itPS.  Don’t look too closely in the picture above or you will see why I said that.  It’s not a pretty sight folks, but it’s a reality.

And yes, I know he does not have gloves on which leads to…


2.  The little ones will not leave their gloves on their hands.  And then they will cry because their hands are cold and you’ll retrieve the lost glove and put it on again.  Only to find that they have taken it off again and are crying because their hands are cold…


3.  Right about the time you see the perfect photo opportunity, the little one will cry because his hands are cold (see #2 above), the cell phone will ring in one of the gazillion pockets on your coat, and someone will throw a snowball into someone’s face. 


4.  Someone (no names mentioned … ahem…) will leave his gloves outside the night before and they are now soaked from the wet snow.  You give him your gloves and since you’ve already given your other pair to the person who could only find one mitten, you’re outside in the snow with no gloves.

It seems there are never enough gloves when it snows.


5.  You can scrape together enough snow for a snowman but it might not be the prettiest one in the world.  Your kids may give him a name befitting of his less than desirable state of being even though you suggest “Frosty”.


6.  Of course, there will be no carrots in the house when it snows so your snowman is noseless.


The snow was beautiful and we had a blast playing in it.  However, the longing for snow is out of my system for the year and I’m looking forward to spring! 

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