Wednesday, February 17, 2010

preschool ~ week of February 8 – 12

~ This is the last of the posts that I wrote the other night while resting. I’m not sure if I will turn out anymore over this week but if not, I’ll be back in March!~

DSCN1289 Printable from Making Learning Fun

We kept it a little light in the preschool department last week. Since everyone was sick, had been sick, or was about to be sick (me in that case) we just did enough to have fun. We will spend more time on both letters that we learned about.

V is for Valentines


Sunshine Girl made Valentine cards and went to a Valentine party. At the party, she skated and passed out & received valentines.

DSCN1340 This was her first time to skate so we stayed on the carpeted area. She had a blast!

H is for Hearts


Printable from Making Learning Fun


H is for Holes


H is for Helping & Hands

Sunshine Girl is using her hands to help make pizza dough.



I try to incorporate activities every week to practice motor skills. This week, we used red pom poms and red beans. They used tweezers and fingers to put the items into little mailboxes from Target and foil heart tins from Dollar Tree.


We will be spending another week on the letter h and focus on the letter v again in the spring.


  1. Thank you! We have a lot of fun. She definitely looks forward to her school everyday.


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