Monday, February 15, 2010

pink and red

~I am still on a little blog break but I figured that waiting to post our Valentine pictures in March might be a little late.  And since I’m sitting here taking it easy tonight since I’m a bit under the weather…might as well write a post or two. ;0) ~


I love pink and red.  Well, there aren’t actually many colors that I don’t like but I do believe that pink and red are in my top five favorite colors.  So I’m always excited for Valentine’s Day because I get to pink it out around here.  It’s probably the only time I get my older boys to touch pink stuff!


A friend of mine told me about the Valentine lapbook that they were doing so I thought that would be fun. (Thanks Stephanie for the idea.)  The older boys completed a lapbook from A Journey Through Learning


The younger girls worked on a lapbook from The Old Schoolhouse.


We watched a little video on how chocolate is made and the history of Valentine’s Day. 


You know I can’t let a holiday (or a week for that matter) go without a little art. 



It was fun to paint over the doilies onto the canvas and see what surprises we would have when we pulled the painted doily away.

DSCN1431 DSCN1434


On Valentine’s Day, all the ladies of the house received flowers and candy.  The gentlemen also received candy.  Everyone in the 11 and under crowd were also given a brand new Colgate spin brush. 


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