Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catching up – preschool weeks 13 - 16

This post will not seem very time appropriate since it will contain Christmas themes.  However, I am posting it so when I am wondering in Christmas 2010 what we did for Christmas 2009, it will be here for me to see!

album 12 - 2- 2009 100

G is for good gingerbread. 

G is decorated with glitter (template here)

G is for gingerbread man printable is here.

album 12 - 2- 2009 123Felt gingerbread people

album 12 - 2- 2009 138 The Cajun Gingerbread Boy

The Gingerbread Baby

The Gingerbread Man

album 12 - 2- 2009 151

The Gingerbread Baby spent the night with Sunshine Girl.

Album 12 - 12- 2009 157

Decorating gingerbread houses

Album 12 - 12- 2009 090

R is for reindeer

Decorated with rice (template here)

Album 12 - 12- 2009 004

R is for rice which we will make a new color (directions on the template page listed above).

Album 12 - 12- 2009 013

Making reindeer food.

We used:  birdseed, oatmeal, sugar and colored sprinkles.  We sprinkled on our lawn on Christmas Eve.

We read:  Jan Brett’s The Wild Christmas Reindeer in our new book


J is for Jesus

Decorated with jewels (sequins) – template here


J is for jewels (found here)


A basket full of J things:  Jell-O, jets, jars, and a jacket- We ate the Jell-O for lunch


We jumped a lot.  We jumped in gymnastics and we jumped over things starting with J.  We jumped around a giant J on our floor while we sang the ABC’s.  Jump, jump, jump.

I think we are up to date on our preschool now!

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